First Luxury Denver Co Real Estate Purchase

There are plenty of homes for sale in the Denver area. However, if you are looking for Denver CO real estate for buyers looking for large homes with multiple baths and a few acres of ground, there is one Realtor that stands out. We wanted a home with five bedrooms and a bathroom for each bedroom. We also wanted plenty of outdoor space and a large detached garage. We were also pleased to have a place with an amazing outdoor kitchen unlike any I have ever seen. We like to have gourmet meals prepared when entertaining family and clients.

We wanted all the extra bedrooms for family. We expect our children and grandchildren to visit often. We all like to go skiing. Vale is less than two hours away! We can drive that. When we lived in another state, we would fly out here for ski vacations. There is a whole lot more to do in the Denver area all year long. Continue reading →

Who Has the Better Luck

I used to live with my cousin in an apartment, but he met woman and eventually became married to her. He moved out of the apartment into a home with his new wife to start a family, leaving me alone to pay the rent. I couldn’t handle the cost of the rent on my own, so I had to either find a roommate or look for a more affordable single apartment. I didn’t really want to go through a list of possible roommate, so I looked at some of the apartments in Tallahassee Florida.

I found the perfect apartment that would accommodate my single living needs without costing too much each month. The apartment comes with the added advantage of having its own pool, which is something that the other apartment didn’t have. Normally I would have to go to the local community center if I wanted to take a swim, and I would have to worry about all of the kids who want to swim. Continue reading →