We All Apparently Need Magnesium

When the chiropractor in Cumming I went to see told me I likely had a magnesium deficiency, and then explained what happens when someone suffers from said condition, it all started to make sense. I can’t remember exactly when the problems started, but at some point I started noticing my muscles didn’t feel right. I had a lot of aches and pains that would go away with aspirin, but they would come right back when the pain killers wore off. I also had a lot of muscle spasms. I would be sitting somewhere and my muscles would just start shaking something awful.

I was seriously worried enough to go in and get a brain scan because I feared a stroke or some neurological condition like Parkinson’s disease. It was really scary waiting on those test results let me tell you. When everything came back fine, I was relieved but only for a bit because I was still having the pain and the spasms. Continue reading →