My Mom Does Not Miss the Tree

When my father passed away last year, it was naturally a difficult time for my mom. We knew that it was coming because he had an incurable form of cancer, so we were both just grateful that we got to spend as much time with him as we did in his final months. She took about two months before she gave herself a kick into action. She said he would not want her grieving like that, and I agreed. I had to laugh at the first thing she did though, which was look up tree removal in Long Island on her computer. Continue reading →

I Have to Move Closer to Work

I did not think much of this place to start with, but the rent was cheap and it used to be a lot better location for the life I had back when I moved here. Of course that changed when I ran into a friend of mine at this job site. He was really glad to see me, which I did not understand at first, but it turned out that he needed a new foreman. The man he had had gone out on his own. At any rate I need to find Grand Prairie apartments that are much closer to the shop. In truth I never end up at the shop, but that is always where I have to start out and it is usually very early in the morning. Continue reading →