A New Life in New Mexico

My new wife Stephanie and I are so in love with each other. We are the true definition of being soul mates. We looked forward to starting our future together, but we had a serious problem. That problem was my ex-girlfriend Kelly. She was obsessed with me. I told her I did not like her. She stalked us. We looked for apartments for rent in Santa Fe to get away from Kelly once and for all.

Kelly and I dated for two years. I thought she was the perfect one for me, but I was so wrong. There were a lot of problems in our relationship. First, she was too controlling. She wanted to control every aspect of my life. She tried to control who I could have as friends. I did not like that. She also betrayed me. She cheated with another man to make me jealous. I had enough. I dumped her, but she would not take no for an answer.

Two years later, I met Stephanie. She was the total opposite of Kelly. She was kind, intelligent, and sane. Those were qualities I wanted in a potential spouse. We eventually got married. Kelly was so jealous of my new relationship. She would stalk us all the time. She even tried to break into our home while we were gone. She climbed in the chimney and got stuck. We had her arrested for trespassing. We decided to move to a new location far away from her.

Stephanie and I are finally free form Kelly. We enjoy our new home so much. It is very spacious and beautiful. The best part is that Kelly has no idea where we are. She cannot stalk me or my lovely wife ever again. I want to keep it that way forever. I am so happy.