Facial Rejuvenation Training With Botox Cosmetic Courses

Facial rejuvenation is one of the advanced methods for the enhancement of facial skin for the women between 18 to 65 years. This course is in the form of expansion and advanced techniques of both Botulinum toxin and Dermi filling. It deals with the practical experience given to the trainees by the experts. This course covers three parts which includes facial rejuvenation, facial enhancement and facial corrective treatments. In the facial rejuvenations, the exercise performed is about lifting the corners of mouth which is turned downwards in order to add beauty to the mouth. The facial enhancement is the overall change done in face such as improving the cheekbones, creation of more distinct chin, improving the vermillion border and to develop jaw line by creating jowl lift. It also works on reducing scars on face which is called as facial corrective treatments. This training is not for ordinary beauticians and it is should be attend only by certain professionals. The professionals are doctors, dermatologists, paramedics only under certain criteria, dentists, ophthalmologists, registered nurses, surgeons and trainee surgeons. Advanced filler technique involves the extending linear techniques, sculpting of peri oral etc. Advanced Botilinum toxin techniques are Mentalis treatment, upper chest treatments, the lifting of brow chemically etc.