First Luxury Denver Co Real Estate Purchase

There are plenty of homes for sale in the Denver area. However, if you are looking for Denver CO real estate for buyers looking for large homes with multiple baths and a few acres of ground, there is one Realtor that stands out. We wanted a home with five bedrooms and a bathroom for each bedroom. We also wanted plenty of outdoor space and a large detached garage. We were also pleased to have a place with an amazing outdoor kitchen unlike any I have ever seen. We like to have gourmet meals prepared when entertaining family and clients.

We wanted all the extra bedrooms for family. We expect our children and grandchildren to visit often. We all like to go skiing. Vale is less than two hours away! We can drive that. When we lived in another state, we would fly out here for ski vacations. There is a whole lot more to do in the Denver area all year long. The fall and winter entertainment is our favorite. We are one of those families that likes to decorate big for the holidays.

Our modern luxury home feels cozy on the coldest days here in Denver. We have more than one fireplace, and the technology used in building the home makes it so there are no drafty or cold spots. We have breakfast in front of the large window next to our kitchen. The view lets us enjoy the trees and mountains year round. The fall foliage colors are incredible, and the sparkling snow is beautiful. Snow during a full moon is really beautiful. Our large home is also energy-efficient for its size. It is well insulated and uses all modern energy-saving technologies. This is our first home of this size we have ever purchased, and we are very pleased with it.