I Found a Nice Place Much More Quickly Than I Thought I Would

Because it was the Christmas season, I was not sure if I would have much luck finding a place that would have the time to show me different apartments for rent in Alamo Heights and the surrounding areas. It felt like such an odd time to have to look for a new place, and I didn’t have much time. I was also in a rush because of the holiday myself, so I felt stretched thin between getting a variety of things gone, much less look for a new place. But everything needed to be attended to, so I just told myself that I would what I could considering the time of year.

I had to begin calling places on Christmas Eve day. I even went without lunch at work that day so that I could ensure that I could make a delivery to a nice lady in time that day. I work as a delivery person for a busy florist company. When the holidays hit, we are slammed with business, which is a good thing. This is what keeps me employed. As soon as I had a chance that day, I started calling different places, and found that a variety of them were already closed. I suddenly started to worry.

When I got home on Christmas Eve, I attempted to call a few more places. The first place that I called was still open. I was elated when a really polite employee answered the phone. She understood my plight, and she surprised me when she said she was willing to stay open for another hour so that I could come look at the one apartment she had available. I raced over there, and loved the apartment. No need to look anywhere else because I liked the one she showed me just fine.