I Had to Move in with My Mom Full Time

When I heard that my mom had an accident at home, I knew that I needed to get to her as soon as possible. When I arrived at her apartment, it was more than clear to me that she could no longer live alone. So, I knew that I needed to find a bigger apartment in Silver Spring MD for the two of us to live in. I knew that everything was going to change. I needed to quit my job. I needed to get squared aware back at home, and then come back to live full time.

My mom has always been very independent. She brought me up on her own, and has never needed help with anything. She had her own home at the age of 25, and she had saved all the money to buy it outright with cash. She had been in the military and done well there before I was even born. She was so strong in so many ways and she had always been an inspiration to me because of it. It helped me to learn how to be stronger in so many ways in my own life. I appreciate that she taught me such an important lesson. I knew it was going to be hard to live with her full time and see her not be able to do so many things on her own any longer, but I will do anything to keep her happy and feeling safe.

I found a two bedroom apartment that overlooks a beautiful garden area in the apartment that I rented for the two of us. I have enough money saved so that we can live on it easily. And I work at home, so I will always be here to watch over her. But I just can’t have her living alone and accidentally hurting herself. I’m looking forward to being able to help her at this stage in life.