I Have Started Studying Computer Science

I have just now started on my computer science classes a few weeks ago and I am really trying hard. It is really tough going, but I figure that I can buckle down and study hard. It is obvious that this is what you want to walk out of the campus knowing when you think about it. The best degrees for a career are in this and in math, with it being obvious that you would be well off to learn a lot of both. I was trying to figure out some roblox cheats today. This guy that sits beside me was showing them to me, because they are relatively simple and if you can figure out how they work then you are on your way to learning how to code. Obviously I do not have a lot of use for them for their own sake. I just do not see the point in trying to cheat at a video game, the idea is to have fun after all.

At any rate I am thinking that you really want to learn about how to do stuff on mobile phone operating systems, obviously Android being the big one right now. The reason is because when you look at it this is where the action is going right now. I have a laptop computer, a tablet and a phone. However a lot of people only have a phone these days and there is hardly any person who does not have some sort of phone. My grandmother is the only person I know who does not have a smart phone. She has an old school flip phone, I think she paid something like 12 dollars for it when her last phone met an unfortunate meeting with her driveway. Aside from that even beggars seem to have phones.