I Have to Move Closer to Work

I did not think much of this place to start with, but the rent was cheap and it used to be a lot better location for the life I had back when I moved here. Of course that changed when I ran into a friend of mine at this job site. He was really glad to see me, which I did not understand at first, but it turned out that he needed a new foreman. The man he had had gone out on his own. At any rate I need to find Grand Prairie apartments that are much closer to the shop. In truth I never end up at the shop, but that is always where I have to start out and it is usually very early in the morning. If you know anything about this part of the world you would understand why people who work out of doors would prefer to get as much done as possible before the sun is directly overhead.

At any rate we usually try to get to the shop around half past four in the morning at this time of the year. We pick up all of the big trucks and then we head out to the place where the work needs to be done. The idea is real simple. You try to get as much of the work done as you can before the heat becomes unbearable. We usually work straight through until about two in the afternoon, then we eat lunch and go home for the night. Of course this is a lot more fun if you do not have a really long commute coming and going. I definitely want to find a place that is really close to the shop, so that I can get up as late as is possible.