I Just Got Home from the Air Force

I got back home last month and I spent a couple of nights sleeping on a friends couch while I looked around for inexpensive apartments for rent in Tallahassee FL. Of course the main thing was getting through the admissions process before the start of the semester this fall. They accept a lot of students and it is a pretty big process. To complete. I am already going to be half way through the process however and so it is not like they are going to be admitting me as a freshman really. I have been talking course on the web the entire time that I have been overseas, in fact it is really easy to focus on your studies in the places that I have been. The last year I have been assigned to an air force base in Qatar and there is not anything to do there. I probably hardly ever left the base the entire time that I was there and so I had a whole lot of time for my class work.

The plan is to spend the next two years working on a computer science degree. In fact I have a pretty tempting offer to work as a contractor for Southern Command which is based at McDill AFB in Tampa Bay. I really do not know whether or not to take the offer, which comes from a guy I served with. It is a lot more tempting to stay here and go to school, especially after living for an entire year in a place where the female population was extremely low. There are women in the Air Force obviously, but when you are in the middle of the desert it really does not seem that way. Here they are all over the place and It is a big change.