I Needed a New Place to Call My Permanent Home

I will admit up front that, just a few years ago, I knew nothing about the state that I’ve now moved to. Now that I have been living here for awhile, I find myself wishing that I had come here many years ago. I’ve had a ball looking at Wichita KS apartments and getting to know my new home. After having only been here for a year now, I feel that this is my new home for the rest of my life. I used to live in New York City where it is loud and busy 24 hours per day, and Wichita has turned out to offer the beautiful quiet that I have always longed for.

My grandparents came here from Italy in the early 1900s. My grandfather had been having trouble finding steady work where they lived before. My grandmother was pregnant with my mother at the time, and my grandpa felt that he needed to do something quickly in order to find permanent employment so that he could take care of his new baby and his wife. They chose to come here to the US and settled down in NYC. It turned out that their plan of coming to this country worked well for them. Grandpa became a construction worker and then went on to own his own construction company.

I owe everything to my grandparents and my parents. However, all of them have now passed away, so I really did not feel that I should stay in NYC any longer. I wasn’t sure where to go until I learned of a great job in Kansas. Without much thinking on my part, I immediately contacted the company to give them my resume and hope for the best. I was hired, and just like my ancestors knew they needed a change in life that worked out, the same thing has now happened for me, too.