I Started the Apartment Hunt Today

I have just gotten out of the dorms here at Jacksonville State University and I have to admit that I am quite relieved. If you know much about that, then you can guess that you are pretty much at the mercy of whoever it is in administration who picks the people that share each room. I did not come out good, the other guy was just a complete jerk and seemed to want to go out of his way to prove this fact on a daily basis. I am using an apartment finder for Jacksonville FL right now and looking for something that fits in a rather narrow window. Of course it has to be close to the campus and on the bus line. I have an old car, but that really does not do you as much good as it does waste a lot of time here. If you drove to school every morning you would spend all of your time looking for a place to park, and when you found it you would be a ten minute walk from where you wanted to be. The bus drops you off right in front usually.

Of course the best thing for me would be to find a roommate that I could trust, because that would obviously save me a very significant amount of money. Usually a two bedroom place is going to be something like a hundred and twenty dollars more than a single. So when you cut it in half it is going to be about sixty percent as much, more or less. You really can use that extra money when you are as short on funds as I am. Of course I am trying to get done with this sooner rather than later, so I am taking lots of coursework and I have no time to earn more money.