One More on the Map

It’s not always easy to find the right place to live. Sometimes the cost will get in the way of the perfect place, and I know this all too well. I’ve seen many places that were just right for me, but I wasn’t able to afford the price they were asking for, and had to look for something else. While looking at the apartment finder for Colorado Springs, I noticed something that had evaded my detection. There was one apartment complex that looked like it could be the answer I was looking for in an apartment.

The listed price for an apartment in this particular complex was right up my alley. I drove to the complex to take a look around and see just how good the complex actually was to get a price like that. I thought there had to be some kind of catch, like the rooms were too small, too noisy, or maybe they were run down and dilapidated. I was even thinking crazy thought about bed bug invasions that were keeping people away. None of these things were wrong with any of the rooms. Everything looked perfect, like a normal apartment should.

Since there was nothing wrong with the apartments, and the price was amazing, I had no choice but to move into one. I was able to move my things into the apartment with the help of a friend who had a truck. He usually gets a lot of calls from people who want him to help them move things, which can get annoying. It’s one of the faults that comes with owning a truck like that. On the other hand, since so many people call him for that purpose, he does make a little extra money on the side from people paying him for his services.