Performing Botox Injection On Cosmetic Course Training

Botox treatment mainly consists of injecting the Botulinum toxin in order to controls or blocks the nerve endings and muscle fibers by weakening the near muscles in that area. This reduces the contraction of those muscles and thus controls the frown lines for the temporary time period. It is injected in to the forehead area and areas surrounding eye where the wrinkles are familiar in face. Mainly it is injected in forehead, nose and eye. The trainees are trained in such a way by marking the spots for injecting as the initial step of treatment. The initial spot is at the middle of the two eye brows. These are the muscles which find prominent folds when changing your face expressions. The second set of spots to be injected is upper part of two eye brows covering both the sides of first spot. This spot is further extended to third spot in order to control the wrinkles in those surrounding areas. The upper part of the forehead is also injected. After marking the forehead, the areas surrounding the outside of the two eyes are marked. Finally, the sides of the initial part of nose which connects eyes are marked for the injection. This is how the training is given to trainees of this course.