We All Apparently Need Magnesium

When the chiropractor in Cumming I went to see told me I likely had a magnesium deficiency, and then explained what happens when someone suffers from said condition, it all started to make sense. I can’t remember exactly when the problems started, but at some point I started noticing my muscles didn’t feel right. I had a lot of aches and pains that would go away with aspirin, but they would come right back when the pain killers wore off. I also had a lot of muscle spasms. I would be sitting somewhere and my muscles would just start shaking something awful.

I was seriously worried enough to go in and get a brain scan because I feared a stroke or some neurological condition like Parkinson’s disease. It was really scary waiting on those test results let me tell you. When everything came back fine, I was relieved but only for a bit because I was still having the pain and the spasms. I just couldn’t figure out what was going on. Taking more pain killers and aspirin wasn’t a long term solution since those things can harm your liver. I needed some help from an unconventional source.

I went to a chiropractor after my friend suggested it. She noticed they did nutritional screenings and dealt with supplements and thought something might happen for the good if I went in for an appointment. I did and immediately the chiropractor asked about my magnesium intake. They explained that most people are deficient in it due to poor magnesium content in foods because of depleted farm fields. The symptoms I was experiencing were hallmark signs of a deficiency. They put me on a supplement and I am not joking when I say that my problems disappeared within a couple of days of taking the capsules. Literally gone!