We Found a Better and Much Cheaper Apartment in Daytona Beach

With a change in our job that is funded by tax money, we had a wage freeze and cancellation of overtime. We had no idea how long this would last as politics is behind our pay. Our lease was up, and the wise choice was to not renew for another year. We were paying to much in rent, so we looked for a more affordable apartment in Daytona Beach. My wife and I went out to look at the Countryside Apartments. We liked them a whole lot better than where we were living, and the rent was a few hundred dollars less per month.

We decided to get a two-bedroom place because it was less expensive than our single-bedroom apartment we were moving out of. We liked the area, and we liked the setting where our apartment is located. These are single-story apartments that are like homes. We are no longer going to be in a big building. We finally have a ground-floor place with a nice patio and big rooms. We were comfortable from the first day we moved in. I slept like a baby without hearing any noise from our neighbors. I used to hear my neighbor at our old place get up for work at four in the morning. That was annoying, especially since I work 3-11.

We actually have more room for our furniture. Our sectional couch does not feel like we have a tractor-trailer parked in our living room any longer. It is nice to have the extra space and be paying less in rent. Management and maintenance are right here, so there are no problems getting those quirky things that bug renters fixed right away. We used to have to wait forever for our old landlord to send someone out. This is so much better.