Who Has the Better Luck

I used to live with my cousin in an apartment, but he met woman and eventually became married to her. He moved out of the apartment into a home with his new wife to start a family, leaving me alone to pay the rent. I couldn’t handle the cost of the rent on my own, so I had to either find a roommate or look for a more affordable single apartment. I didn’t really want to go through a list of possible roommate, so I looked at some of the apartments in Tallahassee Florida.

I found the perfect apartment that would accommodate my single living needs without costing too much each month. The apartment comes with the added advantage of having its own pool, which is something that the other apartment didn’t have. Normally I would have to go to the local community center if I wanted to take a swim, and I would have to worry about all of the kids who want to swim. It’s much easier to get a workout in the pool when you don’t have to worry about kids swimming in your way and jumping in and out of the pool, splashing around as much water as possible.

To my cousin, I lucked out, because he doesn’t have a pool near him. Sometimes he asks if he and his wife can come over and swim in the pool with me. This is a bit of a case where the grass is always greener, because he has a loving wife, and his house is nothing to scoff about. He has enough room on his property to put a pretty big pool if he wants, but I guess he doesn’t want to pay the cost of having it built or doesn’t want to clean and maintain it on a regular basis.